Project Summary

The Greater Cambridge Partnership is working on an infrastructure programme to improve connectivity and quality of life for thousands of people. A travel hub at Foxton could provide in the region of 500 car parking spaces and in the region of 150 high quality cycle parking. The close proximity of the proposed Foxton travel hub to the current Foxton train station, means more people could use the rail network to travel into Cambridge.


  • Maximise the potential for all journeys to be undertaken by sustainable modes of transport
  • Improve overall connectivity and accessibility within Greater Cambridge to support economic growth
  • To accommodate future growth in trips along the corridor to Cambridge and reduce traffic impact levels and congestion
  • Contribute to the enhanced quality of life for those living and working within Greater Cambridge.
  • A Travel Hub at Foxton station would increase the number of people who can access the rail network into Cambridge. The Travel Hub would provide up to 500 car parking spaces with easy access to the station, allowing people to use public transport to complete their journey into Cambridge rather than drive all the way – reducing congestion and pollution on the route into Cambridge.

    The significant growth of jobs and housing in the Cambridge City region means that demand for improved transport is increasing, and a number of Travel Hubs providing public transport connections into employment centres will play an important part in meeting that demand, adding to the existing Park & Ride network.

    In addition to the Foxton travel hub, further down the A10 the GCP is creating the Cambridge South West Travel Hub, close to junction 11 of the M11.This proposal is intended to be a larger site providing bus connections to the city centre, and will be accessed mainly by traffic from the M11 as well as the A10 .

    A Foxton Travel Hub is expected to be used mainly by people from the A10 corridor between Cambridge and Royston, and will provide a rail connection to Cambridge and Cambridge North stations, which serve large employment areas, and potential future connections to the proposed Cambridge South station, which would serve the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.


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