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The Greater Cambridge Greenways will make it easier both to travel in a pleasant and sustainable way into and out of Cambridge and to enjoy our countryside for leisure purposes. They will also help to make local journeys such as school and nursery runs safer and easier. In some cases these are new routes, or routes with new sections, whilst others will be based on existing paths.

The network map is for indicative purposes and is not to scale. You can download a high-res pdf of this map from the Related Documents section below.

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  • There will be twelve Greenways feeding into Cambridge, forming the spokes of a wheel.
  • Walkers, cyclists, horse riders and other non-motorised vehicle users will be able to travel safely and sustainably.
  • The routes will link up with other Cambridge projects such as the Chisholm Trail and where possible to each other to make a seamless journey both around the outskirts and into the heart of our city.


Now that all twelve projects have passed the GCP Executive Board, we are making a start on more detailed design work. We will link to news items on the main GCP website so that you can follow the progress of each Greenway. We have also providing new maps which show when each section has been completed. These are on the individual Greenway pages and give a stylised representation of each route with timings between each location and links to railway stations and travel hubs.


Design work is a complex process which involves appointment of contractors, land surveys, land purchases or leases, detailed analysis of the environment and ecology of each section and decisions on materials and landscaping. We will be holding further workshops with local residents and other interested parties to explain the designs and listen to feedback.

To get people involved in active travel more quickly, we have introduced a series of ‘Quick Wins’: smaller-scale projects linked to future Greenways. To find out more, see each Greenway page or visit: Cycling Quick Wins - Greater Cambridge Partnership .

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The project started with a review in 2016 of existing routes into Cambridge. Using this information, we worked with local communities to find out how a Greenway could best meet their needs as walkers, cyclists and equestrians. We then carried out formal consultations on each route. We then drew up reports for approval at our Executive Board at meetings during 2020.

There are 12 Greenways planned in total:

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